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Idyllic Aegean

Idyllic Aegean Mykonos-Chora

Cruising in the wake of Homer

Famously the Aegean is Homer’s ‘wine dark sea’ of mythology. Deep blue waters curl beneath the bow as delightful tiny islands heave into sight over the horizon. Sail here and you sail through history and legend where historic sights and monuments await at every port of call. Sit on any harbour side in any waterfront taverna and there’s every chance Jason or one of his Argonauts sat there before you.

This 7 day adventure starts from dazzling white cosmopolitan Mykonos – hot spot for latter day jet-setters and home of iconic landmarks, such as the windmills, white boxy houses,  mazy streets, and the island’s mascot Peter the Pelican. Kusadasi on the coastline of Asia annually attracts thousands of visitors with its many colourful souks whilst the incredible town of Ancient Ephesus is a nearby ‘must visit’.

The pristine beauty of Samos is next in line. The island of Pythagoras enthralls visitors with its waterfalls, wetlands and lush vegetation. Then, on Milos, you will see incredible exotic beaches and a volcanic landscape like no other. In Attica Lavorio will welcome you with its history, old mines, neoclassical buildings and exotic palm trees. Syros, the Princess of the Cyclades will enchant you with its glorious past, charm and classy ambiance. It has a bustling nightlife, incredible beaches, lovely imposing buildings and mansions, and scenic fishing villages.

We mustn’t forget Cesme, directly across from the island of Chios, an incredibly charming town with traditional, distinctive houses. Alikarnassos (Bodrum) is built ‘amphitheatrically’ and is a fascinating destination with cosmopolitan ambiance and wonderful markets. Just across the water Kos is the island of Hippocrates and hosts a plethora of important monuments and sites. On Ios you will have the chance to party until the wee hours of the morning, check out the exotic, pristine beaches and relax.

We’ve saved arguably the best for last. Santorini, probably the most famous destination in the world, amazes visitors with its volcanic landscape, steep cliffs, azure waters, stunning architecture, and villages that literally hung 300 meters above sea level. You have to see it to believe it!

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