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3 Night Idyllic Aegean

Idyllic Aegean 3 night cruise Celestyal Crystal from Athens

Within 3 days you will have the chance to get to know the jewels of the eastern Mediterranean and experience luxurious amenities that will relax, rejuvenate and pamper you. What more could you ask for?

This beautiful cruise starts from the cosmopolitan destination of Mykonos with vibrant nightlife, iconic windmills, lovely secluded coves, chapels and dazzling white capital with the narrow streets and sugar lump houses. We recommend a stroll in Hora, or a visit to Little Venice for the scintillating sunset! This island has not earned its reputation without reason.

The dream of luxury and the good life continues in yet another cosmopolitan destination Kusadasi. Situated across from the island of Samos its name translates to the “Island of Pigeons”. You will see hundreds of cruise ships, sailing boats, yachts and traditional caiques dancing their way in the scenic port, while the lively flea markets and outdoor bazaars offer attention grabbing jewels, rugs, antiques and leather products. At a mere distance of 19 kilometres is the ancient town of Ephesus, one of the biggest archaeological sites of the world and most definitely a ‘must visit’.

Samos will amaze you with lush vegetation and the crystal clear waters, the lovely beaches and local products: the famous wine (from the Moschato grape), fruits, olive oil, ouzo and much more. Milos is yet another volcanic island that bedazzles with its rare geological formations, colourful rocks and an unusual landscape. It’s a small piece of the Aegean paradise!


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